Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me


This is a meme from a blog I love, The Broke and the Bookish. For more information on what it’s about, click here. They have a different awesome topic every week!

And it worked out perfectly, since this is a brand new blog and I get to tell you all about myself! (However interesting that may or may not sound to you. Don’t lie. You wanna know.)

Bookish Facts:

  1. My favorite novel is a pretty fluid subject. It depends on so many things, and I know so many readers go through the same thing. For me, it depends on the genre, it depends on when you ask me…right now? I just finished the season finale of Outlander, and since I’m all caught up on the book series, that moved it back up to the top of my list. Usually, it’ll be Harry Potter (The Prizoner of Azkaban, of course, because that’s the best one). But who knows? I’ll probably say something different tomorrow. They’re all my favorite, really.
  2. I’m a book hoarder (collecter? That sounds better. That’s what I am). I’ll go to all the used book sales/stores I can find, and I’ll buy as much as I can hold/afford (less on the afford part…have I mentioned I’m not the best at financial management? Oops…). I have books that I bought at a sale three years ago that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet…not for lack of trying. It frustrates my boyfriend to no end because he knows I’ll never get around to half of them. I just can’t help myself!
  3. I’ll read pretty much anything. Except non-fiction. I won’t read that. If I wanted real life, I’d walk outside and climb a tree or something. And then promptly fall out of it. Cause I don’t sports. But I’ll read romance, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, action/suspense…as long as it’s a good story.
  4. I like to write. Obviously, you say, since I started a blog and I’m writing on it. But you know what I mean. I’m not very focused and I’m more of a pantser than a planner (some NaNoWriMo terms for you, there) but I’ll always TRY to do a NaNo at the very least. Usually life gets in the way and nothing ever comes of it, but I love to get the idea out of my head and onto paper. Or, you know, a computer screen. Maybe someday I’ll finish one.
  5. I’m not very judge-y when it comes to books. Which is weird, since I started this blog to review books, right? But what I mean is it takes A LOT for me to talk down a book to someone. It has to be truly, truly AWFUL for me to say I didn’t like it. I might not think it was the best story or best written novel in the world, but something will only get one or no stars from me if I totally and completely hated it.

    Personal Facts

  6. I have a degree in Forensic Chemistry. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet,     since I just graduated, but I love all the knowledge I gained about the subject and I can’t wait to start using it! (Come onnnn, job market! I mean, really, how do I get experience if no one will hire me for experience??)
  7. I have the cutest dog in the world and his name is Loki. You may have noticed his picture in some of my other posts. I’m an obsessed dog mommy and I’m not ashamed. He’s 3 years old and he’s kind of a lazy asshole sometimes, but we love him anyway.
  8. I can marathon a TV show like no other, and I consider this a skill. Seriously, if it’s located on Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu, there is a very high chance that I have, at the very least, seen at least the pilot episode of it. If I like it, you can bet I’ll have all the seasons finished within the next couple weeks. Doing nothing for hours at a time is hard work, guys.
  9. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. No, really. Whether it’s the end of a book or a movie, or even the end of a TV show, or I’m a guest at a wedding, I’m a sap. I’ll get misty-eyed and sigh and everything.
  10. I want my nerd tattoo so badly. I have it all planned out and ready to go, and when I have moneys again (see #6…PLEASE hire me) that’ll be at the top of my to do list. All my favorite literary quotes, all combined into one awesome piece of permanent artwork. I can’t wait.

What about you?

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

  1. I can definitely marathon a tv series! I enjoy series so much more that way – no waiting until next week, etc.
    My dog is also a cutie – he’s called Dude, he’s 11 now but he still thinks he’s 3! (which is not a good thing as sometimes he finds he can’t charge around at top speed or jump on and off the bed like he used to!)
    Lynn 😀

    1. Haha I feel the same way! TV is so much better when you don’t have to wait for the next episode.
      I love your dog’s name by the way! Loki is the opposite…he’s three but he acts like such a lazy old man sometimes! 😂

    1. Haha I wish that three years was the longest I had…but that’s just of the books I’ve collected since we moved 🙊 My parents are still begging me to pick up all the ones I’ve left at home from much longer ago than that!
      But here’s to reading all the books someday haha! Thank you!

  2. My favorite book is also fluid! Also my opinion on some books is also fluid. Especially on books I don’t love, love. Emma is a prime example-sometimes I dislike it, sometimes I like it. Depends on what reading mindset I’m in.
    I’m a bad book-hoarder. Its a serious problem; I should seek help, but I’m not ready to yet 🙂
    Here’s my TTT

    1. I’m the same way! I have a hard time not finishing books…so the ones that I have to struggle through to finish the first time, my opinion will usually change at some point. I go through reading mindsets, too. I have to be in specific moods for specific genres in order to read them.
      Also, pfft. Book hoarding requires no help. (I realize that sounds like I’m in denial, but I’m not, I swear. I can quit any time.) 😉

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