September Book Haul

I had a fairly decent book haul this month, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! I might have gone a little overboard with some book subscription boxes and a Book Outlet shopping spree (oops).

If you haven’t opened your Bookship or OwlCrate boxes yet for the month of September, there be spoilers ahead! This is going to kind of double as an unboxing/book haul, so here goes!

Book Outlet Haul

1. Onyx & Ivory

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

2. Scythe

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

3. Tandem

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

4. All That Glows

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

5. Roar

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

OwlCrate Box (Spoilers Ahead!)

This was my first ever OwlCrate, so I’m so excited to get my next few! In addition to some really cool items, they included TWO awesome books to read in the month of October (one of which came signed!):

1. The Bone Houses (signed)

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

2. The Haunting of Hill House

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

And here are the rest of the awesome things included in the box!

It contained some spooky fingerless gloves, some caramel corn flavored coffee (uh, yum, how perfect and fall-y is that??), a beautiful enamel skull pin with flowers that grow in the dark, and an awesome ring dish with a quote from Mary Shelley: “Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.”

Bookship Box (More Spoilers Ahead!)

One of my favorite Booktubers raves about Bookship all the time so I had to try them out while I was trying to figure out which book subscription box would be best for me!

Bookship definitely didn’t disappoint!

1. There Will Come A Darkness

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

And in addition to this book (that I am SO PUMPED to read this month) they included some goodies!

They included a Spotify playlist to set the mood for the book while you read, a little fairy light set for bookstagram photos, an AMAZING illustrated print depicting Mare from the Red Queen series (that I still have only read the first book in, please don’t hate me, I’m working on it!), the cutest pearl hair clips, a pen that writes better than any pen I’ve ever owned, their monthly Bookship wax melts (that smell like Christmas!), and an awesome pillowcase that I just want to continuously pet (it’s one of those fun double sided sequin ones, I swear I’m not that weird!) that had a quote from J.R.R Tolkien: “Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”

This was such an awesome box and I can’t wait to read the book!

BookCase.Club Box (Still More Spoilers)

My final subscription box of the month was from BookCase.Club! For less than ten bucks a month they send you two books (not necessarily new releases but still new hardcovers!) in your chosen genre!

I think for this month I chose YA Dystopian, and they sent me:

1. Blood Rose Rebellion

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

2. Burning Midnight

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

Other Books

I bought one more book from Amazon, and also I was lucky enough to receive a few ARCS this month as well, some from NetGalley and two from some Goodreads giveaways!

I’ll be putting out the reviews for those as I read them, and I’m so pumped to share my thoughts on them with you!


1. The Fandom

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

NetGalley eARCs

1. Cupid’s Match (review coming soon!)

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

2. Crown of Coral and Pearl (check out my review here!)

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

3. Realm of Knights

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

4. I, Cosmo

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

5. The Pirates of Moonlit Bay

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

6. Something Wicked

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

Goodreads Giveaways

1. The Savior

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon

2. The Twelfth Knight

Find it on Goodreads | Amazon


In hindsight, I got a TON more books in the month of September than I thought I did… And now I’m only panicking a little about when I’m going to read them all.

Well, let’s be honest, no one’s ever had an issue with having TOO many books, amiright? Right?

I’ll plan on putting up a September wrap up post in the next couple of days, because I’ve also been reading A LOT this month, so that will include several mini reviews!

Thanks for sticking this out so far, and what did you get in a book haul this month? Anybody else in a spooky reading mood already? And what kinds of Halloween-type readathons are you participating in?

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