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The Witness

by Nora Roberts

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Published April 17th 2012 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons
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Daughter of a controlling mother, Elizabeth finally let loose one night, drinking at a nightclub and allowing a strange man’s seductive Russian accent lure her to a house on Lake Shore Drive. The events that followed changed her life forever.

Twelve years later, the woman known as Abigail Lowery lives on the outskirts of a small town in the Ozarks. A freelance programmer, she designs sophisticated security systems — and supplements her own security with a fierce dog and an assortment of firearms. She keeps to herself, saying little, revealing nothing. But Abigail’s reserve only intrigues police chief Brooks Gleason. Her logical mind, her secretive nature, and her unromantic viewpoints leave him fascinated but frustrated. He suspects that Abigail needs protection from something — and that her elaborate defenses hide a story that must be revealed.

With a quirky, unforgettable heroine and a pulse-pounding plotline, Nora Roberts presents a riveting new read that cements her place as today’s most reliably entertaining thriller — and will leave people hungering for more.

I love love love love a good Nora Roberts book. It actually took me a really long time to finally get into her because I felt a lot of them were similar and repetitive…BUT. This was the first one that made me sit up and go “Woah.” There were others that came after it, definitely. But Elizabeth’s story (or Abigail’s…spoiler alert. Sort of. Not really.) was fantastic.

Nora Roberts delves into the Russian mafia, the Witness Protection Program, cyber security, and even touches on mental abuse. It’s pretty wide-ranged, obviously. But holy crap is this an adventure.

Elizabeth shows herself to be a very multi-faceted character…and an interesting one. Her ultra-clinical mom pretty much treats her as a science experiment for the first 16 years of her life. I mean, I like science, too. But I’m pretty sure her mother was a sociopath. Apparently Elizabeth had enough and decided to rebel and show how unlike her mother she actually was. She didn’t want to go on to be the youngest doctor (I think EVER, because she was soon to be sent of to med school at 16, and that’s just ridiculous), she wanted to be an FBI cyber crimes specialist.

Teenage rebellion happens and some other bad stuff that you can find out if you take my advice and read it, but fast forward 12 years and she’s understandably skittish about coming close to anyone or anything, but she has a super cute dog who is named Bert, which is awesome. I’m a fan of anyone who makes a dog such a huge part of their story.

She meets Brooks Gleason, who’s the smokin’ hot sheriff of the small town she decided to settle into. With no better way to say it, he literally forces himself into her life (not in a creepy way, but more in a small-town, charm-y and cute way) and she sort of gets used to him and yay, love happens!

The only thing that kind of bothered me at times while I was reading was how robot-like she made Elizabeth seem. Yes, I understand that her mom sucked and she had a definitely-not-normal childhood and was all focused on school and everything. BUT she spent 12 years on the run and away from her mother’s rules and still was more socially awkward than Sheldon Cooper. I think she was trying to portray someone who was very scientifically minded, but…it seemed kind of forced to me.

That’s it though. The single bad thing I have to say about the whole book, because Brooks Gleason is another fictional boyfriend of mine. He’s awesome. And teaches the super awkward Elizabeth/Abigail how to be a semi-normal human being. As does his family, all of whom are pushy and lovable and sweet. And they love dogs.

In case you couldn’t tell, I adored this book, and it gets all five drops from me.

5 drops

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