Review Rating System

In keeping with my awesome (albeit slightly morbid, to some) forensics/crime scene blog theme, my rating system is based on blood droplets!

So how do I do my ratings?

5 drops

Five Drops

If a book ends up rating five drops from me, it is amazing. It is one of my favorites, I will read it again (and probably again, and again, and again), and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen. This probably won’t be a rare rating for me, but it does take a special and well-written book to get this. Books/series that fall under this category off the top of my head are: Harry Potter, Outlander, many Nora Roberts, all the Dresden Files, and all the Iron Druid Chronicles (consider this my recommendation for any of the above).

4 drops

Four Drops

This is probably going to be a fairly common rating. This is a book that I enjoyed and would recommend. I may reread it sometime in the future, but it is not something I would constantly revisit because I fell so in love with the characters and the story. I’m not particularly judgemental when it comes to books, so if I enjoyed it enough to read all the way through and have no major complaints, it will probably get this rating.

3 drops

Three Drops

Another rating that will probably be seen a lot. A book that I finished, but I feel fairly ambivalent about. I probably wouldn’t recommend it, but I wouldn’t NOT recommend it, either. If someone were to ask me my opinion on whether they should read it, I’d give a shrug and an “Ehhh…”. I don’t regret buying or reading it, but I feel as though I could have probably spent that time doing something else.

2 drops

Two Drops

I probably finished it, but I didn’t feel great about it. This is a book that I read and tried my hardest not to skim through. It didn’t having any glaring issues, but I couldn’t connect with it in any way and wish I hadn’t spent my money on it instead of borrowing it from a library. Would not recommend.

1 drop

One Drop

This is a book that I had to physically shove myself through, and only did that because I was trying to review it. I wouldn’t say I hated it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to ANYONE and would probably go on rants about all of the issues I had with it upon being asked.

no drops

No Drops

The only thing separating one drop and no drops is I literally hated the book so much that I couldn’t finish it. Obviously I couldn’t recommend it, but something in this book pissed me off so badly that I couldn’t handle it anymore. This is my version of DNF, and I will completely outline all of my problems that caused me to not be able to read through to the end.

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