Review: Cupid’s Match by Lauren Palphreyman

Cupid’s Match
By Lauren Palphreyman
Publication Date: October 1, 2019

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From Goodreads:

He’s mythologically hot, a little bit wicked, and almost 100% immortal. And he’ll hit you right in the heart . . .

“Miss Black, we have a big problem.”

Lila Black doesn’t believe in matchmaking, let alone soul mates. So then why is she constantly being hassled by the Cupids Matchmaking Service? But this gilded, cherub-bedecked dating agency isn’t exactly what it seems . . . and it’s about to turn Lila’s entire world upside down.

It turns out that Cupids Matchmaking is the real deal. As in, it’s run by actual cupids—who don’t look at all like they do in the paintings—and they have a serious problem with Lila’s “match.” Because this guy shouldn’t be in the system. He shouldn’t have a match. And while he’s irresistibly hot, he’s also incredibly dangerous. Because Lila’s true love match is Cupid. The original bad boy of love. And he wants her.

Now Lila’s once-normal teenaged world has exploded into a mythological nightmare overrun by crime-lord sirens, wrathful cupid hit men, magic arrows that cause no end of trouble, and a mischievous, not-so-angelic love god she can’t seem to stop herself from falling for . . .

Adored by 50 million readers on Wattpad, Lauren Palphreyman’s smash-hit book is now in print for the first time. 

My Summary:

My own brief summary of the story: cupids (in this book, both a supernatural species and a specific person named Cupid) work under a matchmaking agency that brings couples together world-wide by finagling them into “meet-cute” situations with their matches. However, cupids themselves are forbidden from matching, and the story begins when Cupid himself (banished from the agency for reasons unknown to the reader until the end) receives a match!

Enter our protagonist, Lila, who just wants this weirdo matchmaking place to stop spamming her with letters. She storms their office only to be immediately introduced to the supernatural world of cupids and matchmaking and danger and intrigue and so on via a hot guy named Cal, who appears to be in charge. She’s told she has been matched to Cupid himself, who (by the way) has no clue who she is and has decided to go undercover at her high school to find her.

Cal also goes undercover at the school, to protect Lila from Cupid being able to find her and ensure the match doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, the plan rapidly falls apart and they are stuck working with Cupid against both the matchmaking agency and a radical group of cupid terrorists called “the Arrow,” hell-bent on killing Lila and/or Cupid to eliminate the possibility of a match. There’s a lot of arrow-shooting, tense glances, hiding things from friends and family, and twisty-plot points that follow.

My Thoughts

This one was…not for me.

I was so excited to read this book. One, because it sounded interesting and SUPER cute. Two, because it’s an author who started this story on Wattpad and I’m a sucker for new authors trying to break out. And three, because it was my first ARC received (ever) from NetGalley and I couldn’t wait to get back to reading a reviewing amazing new stories!

BUT (and it pains me to say that, because I wanted to enjoy this so incredibly much) it was SO SO difficult for me to get through the terrible e-ARC formatting. Seriously, guys, it was just AWFUL. They’ve got a LOT of work to do as far as fixing format goes, because my eyes were crossing just trying to follow lines of dialogue that were mushed together into the same paragraph, all right next to each other.

As for the story itself, it was definitely a new and original take on the cupid myth! Once I pushed through the formatting issues, I would definitely say that this story has a lot of potential. Everyone else seems to think so, because it has rave reviews all over Goodreads. I’m not sure that I understand that, really, because the entire plot was a little bit…cutesy and juvenile for me.

There were some cheesy lines that I think were meant to be emotional or heavy, and they didn’t quite come across that way. Some of the things the characters did or supposedly felt didn’t quite seem believable to me (and yes, I get that it’s a fantasy, technically, but you know what I mean). It felt like this was meant for a much younger audience…maybe middle-grade?

In short, I know a lot of people enjoyed this (clearly, because it was optioned for a pilot on CW Seed…not sure if it went any further than that or not but you can check it out here). It was not for me, but I think a younger audience would enjoy it as a cute, quick summertime read!

My rating on this one would have to be two drops. I finished it and didn’t skim through a lot of it, and it was a quick and easy read once I’d gotten used to the format, but it was not something I would pick up again.

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