Hi! My name is Cate, and thank you so much for finding my blog! I’m a nerd at heart that loves sappy romance, all things Harry¬† Potter and Marvel, and awesome storytelling. I’m an animal lover and my pets are absolutely my fur-babies. I have two dogs, Loki and Jynx, and one cat named Ember.

I like to read (duh) and can tend to rant about the things that either make me feel really awesome or really disappointed (with a lot of wild hand gestures. I’m Italian, it’s in my blood). I read fiction…of most kinds. The romance, the fantasy, the action/adventure, the suspense, the historical, and the young adult…and really any combination thereof. I’m usually not super picky.

I tend to be pretty socially awkward, but I can get myself out there, especially when I get to talk about the books I like! I work in the Drug Chemistry section of a crime lab, and I wish the things I had to read for that had half of the happy endings I enjoy so much in fiction.

I do the social media thing sometimes. You can find me on Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram!

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